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This new painting is a labor of love. It is a collage watercolor made from imported handmade textured papers and watercolor pigments. I layer many tiny hand-torn pieces of paper and layers of paint and paper to create vibrant textured effects. Each tiny piece of paper is carefully layered and adhered down over the watercolor painting and then watercolor is layered over the paper. This continues with many layers until the rich vibrant texture, color, and composition is achieved. The overall effect is unlike any other kind of effect. As with all my painting prints, the prints are printed with excellent long-lasting real pigments, not ink dyes.

This painting brings to remembrance Psalm 23 and the promises of our Lord to be with us as our Shepherd, the Keeper, and Shepherd over our soul, even though we go through difficult times. He is there with us always! In this painting, we can see reminders of him as the Rock of our salvation, the River of Life, the Living Waters, and the one who helps us through the valley of the shadows. He is the restorer of our soul and he leads us to a path of righteousness for his name's sake.

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