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Tina Schmidt offers demos, workshops, and classes online. 

Free Demonstration:  Click Here

Continuous rotating classes are Tuesdays from 10:00 am to1:00 pm Pacific Time, USA. 

Classes include topics of interest and participation demonstrations.  

Pay as you go $50/lesson or buy a grouping of classes for $225 for five classes.  Payment made through Zell, Paypal, and Square.  All classes are conducted by Zoom, workshops may be in the field as group field trips or by online Zoom until further notice.  


Watercolor painting can be elusive to many artists.  But in a step-by-step process of development, you will learn about different watercolor papers, watercolor paints, and how to get the absolute best out of the medium no matter what your skill sets are.  Foundational principles of composition, color, value, perspective, and other principles are incorporated and reinforced throughout the work and discussions.  You will learn a variety of principles about color, composition, shape language, color language, values, and the principles that bring a watercolor painting together no matter where you are in the skill spectrum.  Harmonizing colors without appearing contrived is one of the mysteries of watercolor that will be easily revealed to you, along with the knowledge of different brushes and techniques to give you more tools for your skill sets.

For registration, please contact the artist by email or click here

Payment must be made and cleared two days in advance.  A link will be sent when payment is complete. 

Scheduled class topics are listed below along with suggested materials.   Topics may change according to the needs of the participants and the ebb and flow of the discussions. 

March Schedule:  This Month's Topic is How to Make a Successful Composition!  Then paint!

March 1, 2022:  "Landscape Painting Hard and Soft edges" - harmonizing and balancing

March 8, 2022:  "Painting Sunlight" - How to paint sunlight - the Way of painting without painting

March 15, 2022: "Composition:  Tools to Focus the Eye Where You Want" - How to corral the viewer's eye successfully

March 22, 2022:  "Shape Language, More Ways to Direct the Eye in a Painting" - How shape affects how we feel

March 29, 2022:  "The Language of Color and Value" - How color pulls or directs us; how we react to color and Values in paintings

April Schedule:  This Month's Topic is:  The Effects a Painting Has on Our Mind and Emotions!  Guide the Feelings!

April 5, 2022:  "The Language of Pattern" - How patterns affect the composition and direction of the viewer's focus in your painting

April 12, 2022:  "Rubbing and Buffing"  - Techniques for edges and effects in the painting

April 19, 2022:  "The Way of Water" - Understanding the nature of water, its behavior,  and how to successfully paint it.

April 26, 2022:  "The Way of Clouds" - Perspective of clouds, reflective color, and temperature control on painting clouds

Be Prepared with Your Materials

Paper: quality watercolor paper like Arches 140 lb cold press 9x12” or similar size


Paint): Daniel Smith Watercolor  15ml Tubes:


Neutral Tint

Burnt Umber


Burnt Sienna

Organic Vermillion

Quinacridone rose

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Green Gold

Green Apatite Genuine

Thalo Blue

Yellow Ocre

Quinacridone Gold

Hansa Yellow Medium

Lemon Yellow

Titanium White

Daler Rawney White Pro (jar)


Additional Options:


Raw Sienna

Quinacridone Red

Cerulean  Blue

Transparent Brown Oxide

Transparent Yellow Oxide


Paint Brushes:


1” watercolor flat or

1.5” watercolor flat

#8, #10 watercolor round

Twig brush/rigger brush

½” angled flat/sword brush

1” hog hair bristle brush

Chinese calligraphy 1"  & 1.5"brushes

(squirrel, weasel, goat hair, etc.)



Mop brush

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