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About Tina Schmidt


Tina Schmidt's artistic background extends over four decades as a professional artist.  She has a BFA in Entertainment Arts and a long career in commercial art.  She retired from film and animation as the lead artist and supervisor (working in the entertainment industry for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Klasky Csupo, Lorimar Studios, Ronald McDonald video Productions, and others).  She is an active member of the Southern California Plein Air Painters’ Association, the National Watercolor Society, and the Anaheim Arts Association in Anaheim, CA, along with several other art affiliations.  She was a respected instructor for 15 years at Cal State University Fullerton where she taught perspective design development as it relates to environmental design for the entertainment industry, and animal drawing and dynamic anatomy motion studies.  Tina’s work expanded into eight California galleries working in acrylics as a pop-culture artist painting the genre and architecture of the 1960s midcentury modernism with limited edition giclees and gallery originals. 


Today, her expanded medium includes watercolors that range from landscapes to seascapes, animal paintings and people portraits.  She is also a respected watercolor instructor at Saddleback College Emeritus Institute teaching Beginning and Advanced Watercolor painting.

Tina Schmidt became a Christian at age 14 and had supernatural encounters with the Divine.  She was ordained as a minister by  several large conglomerate ministries, but left these organizations in order to have a much closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Surviving several life-threatening challenges, Tina was taken to heaven to see Jesus on this glory throne and witnessed the power of his glory and unconditional love for all creation.  In the presence of Jesus, every question she ever had was answered as she basked in the presence of the King of Glory.  He poured out his love and anointed her.  She has seen angels throughout her life, along with visitations from Jesus on several encounters.   She was miraculously healed of cancer and other incurable life-long maladies and testifies to the great healing power of the Savior, Jesus Christ. She has visited heaven more than once, and continues to be a fountain of praise for the Lord Jesus, testifying of him and his love for all.  Her testimonies and teachings are designed to help people know the Lord, the reality of Jesus, and to draw people back to God's Kingdom as Jesus did in his original gospel of his coming Kingdom of God. 


Surviving and living to testify of the great power of Jesus and his Salvation, she overcame 4 NDE (Near Death Experiences throughout her life).  In 2019, Tina began to consolidate her ministry and record her experiences and the teachings given to her by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Her teachings go deep into the Word with insight she gained in the presence of the Lord God.  

The Bible does not approve of making "graven images" (three-dimensional objects carved and used specifically for worship (Exodus 20:4).  However, the Bible permits making illustrations, portraits, portrayals, and story book illustrations, biblical portrayal illustrations, paintings, and drawings of the Lord and even blesses artists who do so (Exodus 31:1-6).  Since these illustrations and paintings are not designed as worship objects, but rather are reminders of our Lord and his Kingdom of Heaven, she has decided to open up her artwork of the Lord to share these artworks with others who love Jesus and his Kingdom.  Her Christian artwork reflects her love for Christ Jesus, the Messiah. 


Her NDE's and ministry was promoted by Jennifer Bagnaschi of Deep Believer on two different interviews what went "viral" and launched Tina's Spirit-filled ministry in 2022.  Her Youtube channel can be found here at Kingdom Walker 247  .  

For more information, please inquire by email:  kingdomwalker247@gmail or  PH:  714-227-3335 (note that phone calls are screened to avoid spammers.  Please speak and leave your message after the filter and the phone call will be retrieved or definitely returned as soon as possible.  

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