"I really loved the old Star Trek original series when I was a kid.  The three arch-types characters were a great combination.  Intelligence, brawn and bravery, and a compassionate spirit made  this sci-fi trio a team that I always enjoy watching."

"Magic Highway", 24x18, acrylic on panel.  Original: SOLD 

​But Wait!  There's More! 

"The Birds", 24x12, acrylic on panel

Original:  SOLD 

"Star Trek", 16x16, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

Original:  SOLD 

One of my favorite episodes was "Assignment Earth" (1968) where the Enterprise travels back in time and encounters a human agent from another time.  Gary Seven, played by Robert Lansing, was a most intriguing character to me, along with his feline counterpart."


"Gary Seven", 24x18, acrylic on panel.

Original:  SOLD 

"Rocket Space Ship Base A413", 16x16, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

Original:  SOLD 

"50XL5", 14x14, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  Original: SOLD 

"I love painting rockets and space jets.  When I was a kid I enjoyed those old sci-Fi movies that had them.  I ignored the fact that the movie had only five people in it running the entire space program - a general, a scientist, a politician, an astronaut, and a woman who inevitably fell in love with the hero.  Painting the rocket ships is fun and the planets they visit excites my imagination. "

                                               - Tina

"Future Roads", 24x18, acrylic on panel

Original:  SOLD

"Futura Firebird", (1958 GM Firebird without the wheels).  12x24, acrylic on fully wrapped canvas.  Original available. 

"Mars Colony I", 12x24, acrylic on canvas, recently SOLD  

A collection of quick sketch paintings on the themes of architecture, science fiction,  and pop culture of the

Mid Century Modernist Era....      Oh theThings I love to paint!     

​                                                                                                        -  Tina

Sci-Fi and Rockets!  by Tina Schmidt