​We CARE about the QUALITY and VALUE of your purchase!

The Artist personally sees to all stages of the printing production.  The limited edition giclees are printed on canvas with special pigments and then protective coated, hand embellished, signed, and numbered by the Artist.  A Certificate of Authenticity is available for each individual work.  All of Tina Schmidt's artwork is copyrighted by the Artist.

All of the Artist's limited edition prints, sketch painting originals, as well as the Gallery Collection, have a specialized holographic seal on the back with an individual Security Seal number and the Artist's signature in the holograph.   Each print and original has its own Seal of Authenticity number.  This ensures that the artwork you purchase is genuine.


The Artist's signature is also found on the backside of each original and print to assure your buying confidence.  

If you have one of the Artist's originals or prints and would like to validate it for certification, or if you have any questions, you may reach us at: 


The Artist has listed approved galleries on the website.

The Mid Century Modern Art of Tina Schmidt